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Money Unlocked

PAYTON is there when you need it.
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Being there

Life comes with its ups and downs whether we like it or not.
Sometimes, a little extra financial help can make all the difference.


  • InstaPay is money for your employees that they can access for emergencies.
  • Easily configurable so you can customise how much of their earned wages are instantly available and how frequently.
  • You also have in-app controls to review and approve larger amounts for bigger unforeseen expenses.
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Financial empowerment

Putting your employees in a position where they have more financial control and flexibility has much more impact on their lives than most other HR benefits. It's about being there for them where and when it really matters.


Helping your employees reduce financial stress and overcome cashflow challenges improves:
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Employee productivity
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Job satisfaction

Cash Advance

  • Your business can easily apply for a 12-month pre-approved Cash Advance to cover InstaPay and unforeseen emergency expenditures, or to fuel growth.
  • Payton's transparent, data-driven solution improves your financial flexibility when you most need it whilst minimising charges.
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A WIN-WIN for forward-thinking businesses and the people they employ:
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Companies get faster and fairer access to Cash Advances thanks to AI-powered credit checks.

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Workers don't have to wait for payday. With a few clicks, they receive cash in their account.

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